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Digel-Sticktech GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2006 and has always concentrated on innovations, due to the “Swabian inventive spirit“, and also on the fulfilment of customer wishes. We find a proper solution for our customers' problems and provide competitive advantages, thanks to our technical knowledge. In 2010, we have doubled the production area, and two years later, in 2012, it was extended to 3.000qm² due to the construction of a new three floor hall.

Through extensive experience in the branches

  • - auto mobile industry
  • - electronics
  • - mechanical engineering
  • - electric heating industry
  • - wellness and leisure industry

the company is setting new standards in technical application possibilities.


1989      Takeover of a hosiery factory with 36 embroidery units and 15 employees through Werner Digel
1990      Purchase of a new embroidering machine for cord embroideries in the segment of ladies' outerwear fashion
1990      Acquisition of an own company building in Pfullingen
1991      Purchase of a new embroidering machine to embroider finished articles, which was a novelty in the market
1993      Purchase of the first built embroidering machine for caps
2002      First individual attempts to sew wires and carbon rovings on base materials
2003      First attempts to produce an embroidered heated steering wheel for auto mobile industry
2006      Establishing the Fa. Digel Sticktech GmbH u. Co. KG by Mr. Werner Digel and Mr. Fabian Digel
              In the same year, we were certified according to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001
2007      Enlargement of the production space to 300m²
2007      First series production over 4000 daily units of seat heatings
2008      First series production of carbon fibre preforms for the auto mobile industry
2012      Development of an own infrared heating series,
              together with our co-operation partner Heat4All Vertriebs GmbH
2013      Certification according to DIN EN ISO 16949 and 14001 / enlargement of production area to 2100m²
Heute    Digel Sticktech is one of the most innovative companies in the area of flexible textile heating elements,
              carbon fibre preforms, so-called TFP (tailored fibre placement).


In times of increasing sameness of products, your professional communication towards target groups is playing a significant role. This applies especially to those industrial and trading products that are difficult to explain. Whoever finds the way to the decision makers, will benefit directly through competitive advantages. And this is exactly what we will provide you: we do not only know the way, but we are also specialists for textile heating elements, smart textiles, dry fibre preforms and technical embroidery.

Textile heating elements, preforms, multiply structures and gain structures are our elements!

Digel Sticktech is one of the most innovative companies in the area of flexible textile heating elements,


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